Do you remember yourself being a child?

I would like to open a conversation about destiny. I think everyone thinks about their destiny in life at least once. Some of us have found it, some of us have not.

In the years I was looking for my destiny, I noticed different subjects filling my head but at the end of the day the picture was never absolutely clear.

I knew what my interests were, I knew what I would like to do, but DESTINY as the target of my life never appeared.

From another side, I believe that everything in this world happens for a reason and there is no coincidence.And as such, I thought, every life should have a destiny.

One of my theories is that we are born, knowing what we shall bring to this world and we forget it as we grow older.

Since I am very familiar with hypnotherapy, I asked my spouse to regress me to my childhood and guide me to help me find my destiny.

In this moment, I was in my early years.  I was about 5 years old, holding my dad’s hand, walking down the street from the music school.

In present time, my spouse was questioning me about my destiny and purpose of my life. The answer I gave him was :

“There is no destiny for me in the future. There is nothing that is written that I have to follow. My future is unlimited and I can choose whatever I want to. My only destiny was to be born. Nothing else.”

I was surprised to discover that there is no destiny.

However, the most impacting experience was the way I felt when I was 5.  There was no worry, no thinking about the past or the future.

I was fully experiencing only that moment in which I was walking with my dad. Nothing else! This feeling is indescribable.

I felt so light and joyful. I felt REAL.

Everyone once knew how to live in the present moment; we just forgot it as we grew older… We forgot that our future is unlimited and we can achieve anything!

We are the ones who choose our destiny and we are the ones who either follow it or not.

I would like to encourage you to allow yourself to remember how you felt when you were child. Notice, how light and positive your thoughts were and how much you believed in yourself.

Once you succeed in remembering, please keep these feelings with you. Life is simple when you are present to it!


Published by

Olga Blushtein

Welcome to my blog about hypnotherapy. My intention is to help others to reprogram  non- beneficial beliefs and to encourage everyone to live life with joy, despite any arising challenges. Thank you for visiting.

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