What is possible today?

Often we think that challenges and obstacles are coming to our life from outside. Does not this way of thinking leave us as powerless, passive viewers of our own life?

What if we actually create our reality and our future? What if everything around us is a reflection of our own beliefs? If you consider yourself fully responsible for your own life, would not it put you in a position of power?

Even if today you are not right where you want to be, I invite you to shift your perception about life and your involvement in it:

– Become an active and responsible participant in your life. Take action and create new possibilities for yourself!

– Base your goals on your dreams, stop limiting yourself by fear and doubts.

– Remember yourself being a child, when you were sure that you CAN DO ANYTHING, if you wish so. What happened to it? Why today do you think in a different way? “Past experience, life…” – you are saying…

Look closer – these are the limits that are set by no one but by YOU.

– Stretch and exercise your mind, don’t let it be lazy watching TV. Train it! Tame it to listen to you.  Stop following negative thoughts and start creating new, positive ones.

– Every time you feel out of control with your own emotions – look deeper. What is there that got you out of balance? Why did you react like that? When was the first time that you felt the same? Can you see a similar pattern?

It is probably hard to believe to some of us that we are locked in the cage of our own mind. NOTHING ELSE! Is reading these words causing you to shake your head and say “NO”? Is this not a definition of your own mind? If so, then this is YOUR REALITY and until you realize that what shapes your experience is your own beliefs you will continue to feel trapped in obstacles that “somebody else created in your life”.

Do you still find it hard to believe? Ok. Then I will ask you another question:

Do you like the idea about being able to create the life you want to?


This is your FEAR. Fear that it might not work.  And this is why, in advance, you choose to believe in the theory that you are powerless!  Notice, it is not even logical!  Can you now see that your mind really limits you?

You can live your life in fear, suffering and anger, blaming and complaining about your surroundings or you can MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO STEP IN AND DIRECT YOUR LIFE!

I encourage you to give yourself a chance to become THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR LIFE!

TRUST YOURSELF!  If you don’t why and how can others trust you?




Published by

Olga Blushtein

Welcome to my blog about hypnotherapy. My intention is to help others to reprogram  non- beneficial beliefs and to encourage everyone to live life with joy, despite any arising challenges. Thank you for visiting.

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