Love is in the air!

Would not it be great to base our every relationship on love?

How is it possible, you might ask: “I just cant stand some people and now I should give them love, what else?”

You will be surprised but if you come from love, the first person who will be full of joy is YOU! You don’t need to love everyone in a way that we used to think about love. Feeling that I would like to discuss today is sharing Universal love with every creation. How?

Well, the first of all start with yourself:

Do you love and accept yourself or you constantly listening to your inner criticism ?

Even if you make a mistake (we all do them:) ), this is not a reason to stop loving yourself!

It is great to do some self-reflection on what had happened but don’t punish yourself by cutting love or to belittle yourself. This will only make you feel worse. Since we all interact and affect each other, when you feel down it is not only about you.

Consider following concept: when you are happy you share happiness, when you are upset you spread a bad mood, just like a virus.

Your happiness is yours responsibility towards the world.

It might be challenging to be in full integrity all the time, but…
we are strong creatures and can do it!

We are fully capable to empower and inspire ourselves and others!


Published by

Olga Blushtein

Welcome to my blog about hypnotherapy. My intention is to help others to reprogram  non- beneficial beliefs and to encourage everyone to live life with joy, despite any arising challenges. Thank you for visiting.

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