The road to heaven…

I believe that the road to heaven is… paved with good intentions.
I don’t know if there is a heaven after life but I believe that there is one here, in this lifetime and there is no need to wait in line to get there.
All you need are good intentions towards everyone in the world, including yourself.

If you always (or close to always:) ) act from a base of Love and Integrity you already live in heaven – you enjoy your life and feel happy!

However, we all still have those moments when we lose balance and get angry, irritated or upset.

Avoiding lows and getting back to where you feel great:

1. Find the state when your mental dialog is quiet.
Each of us has a unique way to tune into absolute calmness be it by meditating,     painting, hiking in the forest or resting on the beach. Whenever you reach this state you are actually in a state of hypnosis.

If you find it challenging to fully relax, you will find it beneficial to check out my self-hypnosis post.

Once you reach this state take mental notes on how it feels so once it feels different you will recognize it right away.

2. Consider this state as your moment of truth.
Make this your core state.  This is the “Real You”, pure with no worries and negative emotions.

3. Monitor yourself.
Now, when you know how the “Real You” feels, notice every small change and when something brings you lower stop those thoughts right away. The earlier you notice unwanted feelings, thoughts or emotions the easier it is to stop them and the faster you can get back to the “Real You.”

By acknowledging all of your emotions, you will not let them control you, but in opposite – you will be the one who is in control. You are the master of you life!


Published by

Olga Blushtein

Welcome to my blog about hypnotherapy. My intention is to help others to reprogram  non- beneficial beliefs and to encourage everyone to live life with joy, despite any arising challenges. Thank you for visiting.

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